The Ten Things I have loved so far about my adventure commentating in the IPL8. #PepsiIPL

1) Seeing AB de Villiers innings of 133*! de Villiers is truly the best batsman going around at the moment.  His ability to manipulate the ball to all parts of the ground when and how he wants to is simply magical.  Equally impressive is his mental application when out in the middle. He stays calm under pressure and out thinks the bowler, more often than not.

2) Getting the opportunity in my down time to play a round of golf throughout the Fort Golkand in Hyderabad. No doubt this makes my list also because when I paired up with Damien Fleming and Anthony Kearney on different occasions we have won both times when taking on the “Rest of the World” team!

3) Getting a chance to watch a game of cricket every night and exciting and thrilling games at that!!!

4) Meeting up with all the Aussies that are involved in the IPL. Whether that be camera operators, producers, commentators, event managers, strength & conditioners, physiotherapists, assistant coaches, bowling coaches, fielding coaches…oh and that’s right, the players!!!

5) Learning about the whole off field behind the scenes business of bringing you, the viewers, the pictures, sounds, graphics, stories into your living room.

6) Exploring different parts of India that I haven’t had the opportunity to visit before, namely Kolkata and Hyderabad.

7) Seeing the destruction and athleticism shown by the West Indian players throughout the tournament. 

8) Witnessing the rising youth of Indian cricket, in players such as Shreyas Iyer, Sarfraz Khan and Deepak Hooda to name a few.  It has been genuinely exciting to witness their first experiences at this elite level and seeing them perform extremely well. India is in good hands for the future.

9) The look on the my co-commentators face when I offered to host drinks after a game and provided tapas that included dips, falafel, olives, pita bread and more…instead of the usual wine/beer/peanuts that the boys had provided when they hosted drinks. 

10) Interacting with the people of India. I love how nothing is ever too hard for them and someone is always willing to help and assist. More importantly, they do it with a smile on their face every day of the week no matter what the time of day is and that is really lovely when you are so far away from home from family, friends and furkids for so long.


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