Half way through the #PepsiIPL @IPL

Being part of IPL8 has been one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences of my life. I feel blessed and lucky.

The colour, noise, action and passion on display every night continues to astound me. And when I reflect on this I feel that the IPL is quintessential India, or should I say, modern India.

For me, it has been an opportunity of a life time. Not only do I get to be in India during this carnival atmosphere, but more importantly, I have been given the chance to learn off the best in the business when it comes to commentating on cricket.

Twenty two days have already been and gone and whilst Crew C has only commentated on six games at this point, with one wash out, it has enabled me to spend quality time interacting with the talented Crew C and watch A LOT of cricket. 

Prior to coming over, I was conscious that I had watched the IPL sporadically over the previous 7 years and hadn’t had the opportunity to observe the majority of the Indian domestic players make their way through their cricketing careers. So my immediate focus was how am I going to get up to speed to make the fans happy and Crew C happy to have me part of their team? 

For my commentary work I actually carry around with me three different books.

A red one that captures all the games that I have covered in my short career as a commentator, the results and the key performers and two smaller books, where one is dedicated for each match that I watch in the IPL, my observations and key moments in the game. 

The other is what I call my “cheat sheet” which contains all the teams and their stats for this IPL and any facts that might be points of interests. This allows me to have a quick glance over the players and their recent performances. 

As you would expect, my 3 books assist in my preparation, but nothing beats watching the games live and forming my own opinions on the players. So whilst originally I would have preferred to be busy commentating at the start of the tournament, being able to watch so many games up front has allowed me to get to know the players so I can provide the fans with insights into the game and the likely tactics of the players. 

Commentating is very similar to playing, you have to make sure you are prepared and you have to find a formula that works for yourself.  Calling in the IPL is very different to the radio and TV commentary I have done in Australia and only now am I am starting to feel confident I have found formula for me that can ensure that at the end of each game Crew C and the fans are happy with my contribution. 

As a former athlete who performed at the highest level I have certainly put a huge amount of pressure on myself to grab this opportunity with both hands and do a great job. And if I am honest with myself, with my first few IPL8 matches I was a little overwhelmed with it all…and why wouldn’t I be! I am in India commentating on the biggest T20 competition in the world and the fans are the loudest in the world!!! 

However, my fellow Crew C commentators, producer and director have been patient and encouraging, and as my journey has progressed, they have been wonderful supports. From everything from making me feel included, sharing a few tricks of the trade as to how to sound more polished on air (whether it’s throwing to an ad break or making sure I don’t say “as you can see” during the call) and giving me a timely pat on the back as encouragement. Their support and encouragement has been vital to making me feel that I have been going well and improving as my IPL8 journey evolves. 

As they have all mentioned any commentator starting out will have some much to learn and improve on – like a international athlete starting out on their international career. It takes time to master the art of commentating with each commentator exploring what style best suits them and reflects them, and with most things in life, the only way to learn is by doing more and more matches. Over the past few weeks I have needed to keep reminding myself to just be ME. I can’t try to sound like another commentator because I respect them, it just won’t work. 

With another seven matches to go, I am still super excited about what lies ahead and all the intricacies and nuances that I am going to pick up about commentating…bring it on!!  I hope I can repay the faith a lot of people have shown in me to give me this opportunity.

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