A direct swap – from sunscreen and playing gear to make-up and dress shirts #PepsiIPL

As I began the task of packing for my wonderful 5 week Indian adventure, it dawned on me that things would be a little different to what I am accustomed to.

The positives were that I didn’t have to lug a training kit bag along with my clothes bag and hand luggage. Let me tell you, one less bag to travel with makes it a lot easier getting in and out of the airports and hotels. However, I did notice that I needed to pack a lot more clothes thank usual.

Most players on tour spend a lot of time in their training clothes whilst resting in the hotel. I would go one step further and wear my pyjama bottoms most of the time whilst chilling out in my room or my teammates room. 

I know that this trip will be one of the most unique and exciting in my life. So I knew there would be no opportunity to lounge around in my pyjamas. That mean both more clothes but more shoes.

I can’t recall ever packing so many pairs of shoes for a trip, ever! No longer are runners and spikes my “work” attire. There are now the ballet flats, high heels, casual shoes (that all need to be colour coordinated to my outfits) plus my havana thongs and of course my runner for the fitness I will try to motivate myself to do.     

Additionally, as an athlete you never have to worry about make-up, except the suncream kind, ensuring that the sun doesn’t kiss your skin too much. Even if you did attend functions, Cricket Australia organised hair and make-up artists to assist us in scrubbing up well for the event. 

There will be no assistance for me this time. I am in my own in the make-up stakes. Even when I was purchasing my make-up I wasn’t 100% confident in what I was choosing. Thankfully the staff at MAC were extremely helpful.

Fingers crossed my feminine side comes to the surface and I look half decent tonight. As I am not sure Danny Morrison or Aakash Chopra can help me out 🙂

A lot of time, research and preparation by the whole team is necessary to be ready to do a great job in commentary and to make sure the broadcast is polished and natural. So earlier in the day, the team based in Kolkata had a brief meeting. Simon, our Director and Neil, our Producer went through all the fine details of how to make the telecast run like clock work. It was just like a tactical meeting before the game.

Instead of accessing the oppositions strengths, weaknesses and our different plans that we wanted to execute, we covered where and when we needed to be. Plus my fellow commentators, Danny Morisson, Mpumelelo (Pommie) Mbangwa and Aakash Chopra generously imparted some of their experiences and techniques with me. I always get inspired by working in a great team.

It was during this meeting that my game day nerves started to creep in. My father has always stated that butterflies are important before any big event, as it shows that you are passionate about what you are doing and you are wanting to do well.

So I will try to harness those nerves as I begin this journey. I am certain of that. Thankfully I have an excellent team to rely on. I am sure that  

With Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore ready to square off, I feel like a ripper game awaits all of us. So hopefully I will be captivated so much by the game my nerves will quickly subside, as I become swept up by all of the theatre and excitement that is the IPL. 

Let my wonderful 5 weeks Indian journey begin!