Never fear the @SouthernStars are here! #ashes #cricket

No doubt cricket enthusiasts around Australia were glued to the television watching day 1 of the 3rd Ashes Test till the wee hours of this morning as the Australian team put on a strong batting performance, but they are not the only Australians that woke up feeling tired and blurry eyed today. There was another group that hardly slept too. As many of you no doubt know, the Commonwealth Bank Southern Stars left our shores yesterday to start their own Ashes Series.


The men’s team headed to England aiming to return the urn, whereas the women’s are flying over with the Ashes firmly in their hands and will do everything in their power not to let the Poms near it.


Unlike the men’s Ashes Series which is being fought over 5 Test Matches, the Women’s Ashes Series will be contested over 3 different formats for the first time.  In an effort to balance schedules, retaining a test match and continuing the growth of the women’s game the ECB and Cricket Australia introduced the new format, which each match allocated weighted points. The test match is allocated 6 points for a win and 2 points for a draw. One-day international and International Twenty20 matches are allocated 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.


The team accruing the most points after the Test match, three ODI’s and three T20’s will be declared the winner of the Women’s Ashes Series. If there is a draw at the end of the 7 matches Australia will retain the Ashes, as they are the current holders. Whoever wins the test match will certainly be in a strong position to secure the Ashes.

So how will our Southern Stars go?

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