Wadrobe Malfunctions…#cricket

After an all to breif detour via the Maldives, we finally made it to Colombo for the ICC Awards!

The day of the ICC Awards was spent running around making sure that I had everything sorted for the night, as well as finding what I needed to stay connected to the people back home, ie a SIM card and internet connection! We also had to check out of one hotel to move into the place where we’ll stay until the rest of the Commowealth Bank Southern Stars arrive.

Everywhere you look there is the who’s who of International cricket. From the umpires, ICC officials to the actual rock stars – any cricket cricket mad fan would be in heaven!

With a few hours to go to the awards I needed to get my hair done so I was thankful to know that Harry Solomons (Kingsgrove Cricket God) had a brother, Gerald, who owned a hair salon in Colombo called Chargall.

Both men are extremely generous so if you need to get cricket gear in Australia, head to Kingsgrove Sports and if you need your hair and/or nails done in Colombo, head to Chargall. Both I can highly recommend!

With my hair done to perfection I then went about trying to put a face on. With an hour to go I thought that it would be wise to try on the dress, however, as I was zipping up, the zip suddenly began to move with ease and I felt the cold air hit my open back. Holy smokes! The zip was broken!

After attempting to try and fix it myself to no avail, I had to seek help. With only 30 mins before out departure, I hurried down to the Duty Manager who found a lovely man who spoke no English. I left it in their capable hands as I rushed upstairs to finish getting ready.

A knock on the door with five minutes to spare was met with panic as it was Midge and Mitch Starc greeting me. The dress hadn’t come back yet but only a few moments later, my mate came up with the goods!

I would like to thank Mandy Heng for dressing me again. She makes lovely dresses and I highly suggest having a look at her website, ladies, if you are after a stunning dress http://www.mandyheng.com


On arrival at the event, Mitch slipped through whilst Midge and I walked down the longest red carpet that I have ever seen. The actual awards night was good. It was fairly quick seeing as the boys had training and matches the next day.

It was lovely to see Enid Bakewell inducted into the Hall of Fame and steal the show away from the great Brian Lara. Congratulations to both the Taylors on winning their respective awards as they had an exceptional year in both formats. I just hope that they remain quiet throughout this tournament J

Our first cricket session took place whilst we watched the boys play their warm-up match against England. With a net set up sepcifically for us we were set to get some volumn in.

Typical of the wickets here, it was low and slow and it only took Midge over an hour to feel comfortable in the nets. For a moment I thought that I was throwing to Karen Rolton, lucky I can still feel my shoulder.

After our session we watched the Aussie boys chase down the total and it was great to see Mike Hussey build his innings to perfection. Unfortuantely, when Watson got out there was a steady flow of wickets and when Huss went with 20 plus run to get it became a difficult task.

In the end the boys lost but I am sure that they got a lot out of the game and are gearing up for their first round match against Ireland.

 Till next time.

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