First Impressions of Sri Lanka

Since our arrival in Colombo there hasn’t actually been all that much down time. The limited time we have had we have all found ourselves pretty exhausted from training. Sorry for not posting more blogs.

Our typical day is training in the morning, meetings/games/massage/recovery in the afternoon. I can categorically say that I have never sweated as much as I have done so here. The amount of clothes that we are going through is incredible and lets not mention the how dry my hair is with the amount of times I am washing it a day!

Training has been really good, and (apart from India) I didn’t think it was possible for a group of 18 girls to attend a session and not bowl a ball, yet still face bowlers for an hour in the nets. The facilities have been excellent, with the occasional miscommunication testing everyone patience.

We have played three games, one vs New Zealand, another against a charged up Sri Lanka team and a match against an U/19 boys team (basically the players that missed out of selection of the U/19 National team that are currently taking part in the World Cup in Australia)…yeah no worries. Luckily for me I was rested for that game and didn’t have to face the thunderbolts, but credit to the girls they played really well. As these matches were training games, players were retired and given a certain amount of overs to ensure everyone had opportunities in match conditions.

Now enough about the cricket….Sri Lanka! My first impressions of this country have been really good. I have enjoyed their hospitality, they seem more organised compared to India. That said, I have not yet felt the same urge to get out and explore compared to India. That may be because they are working us really hard and we are all a bit tired. However, we are staying opposite a beach, which is lovely to have a nice stroll along. Just ask Midge who attempted to go check out the water and got stranded and preceded to slip and fall into the water – very funny indeed.

Today was our first full day off and we all headed out to a beach resort, 2 hours away and spent time in the water – yes that is right, I was one of the first to jump into the beach. The water was nice and warm and reminded me of the West Indies, so no complaints from me. A few drinks by the poolside made it an enjoyable and relaxing day. Others turned to the water sports of skiing, banana boat and jet skiing, with myself staying as far away from that especially with Julie Hunter on the jet ski (West Indies nightmare for some).

The food has been great throughout our stay with a few of us venturing out to some pretty cool restaurants such as a seafood place were you pick your fish (like you are at the fish markets) and the style you want it to be cooked and presto it is done. There has only been one person that hasn’t felt the greatest and that happens to be our manager for the tour Tracey, oh well it is the rite of passage. Her comment on it was “it must have been the rice as it is the biggest carrier of bacteria”….try again Trace seeing as everyone else has been eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and has been fine.

With only a few more days left we have training, another match against the Kiwi’s and then it is time for home. It has been an enjoyable trip so far with everyone getting a great opportunity to get used to the conditions.


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