Review of “Shaker” by Max Kruger (Channel 9 cricket stats guru)

                            SHAKER-RUN MAKER,WICKET TAKER

The eyes are the window into the soul.From the moment we learn “Mother” was entranced by the big,brown-eyed little girl the reader is taken on an enthralling journey.

“Shaker” is the autobiography of acclaimed  Australian Cricketer Lisa Sthalekar –the title being derived from the nickname of the subject matter of this captivating story.Unlike many autobiographies this is clearly the sole work of the author.

I must admit to having several pre-conceived notions before reading “Shaker”.Those views were all addressed.Her Manager Shaun Martyn suggested Lisa’s was a story many people would like to read.He is spot on.From an orphanage in Poona,India all the way through to excelling on the major cricket Venues in the world you are taken through a wide range of emotions.

The best aspect of this book is it is not an endless account of match-after-match reports.Alas,that is so often the case in many unedifying cricketing biographies.Though to be fair,more detail of some of Lisa’s outstanding achievements would have enhanced the reader’s appreciation of this unassuming Superstar.

The disappointing aspect is you get the feeling there is so much more she wanted to explore about how many of the officials duped her.Maybe that can wait for another time.

This is an inspirational account of where SELF-BELIEF,QUIET DETERMINATION  and the fickle hand of FATE took the young child.From an uncertain future to the dizzying heights of International Glory this is a “must” for discerning readers.


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