We say goodbye to Mumbai as we wrapped up the ODI series and head to Vizag for the T20 series

Our arrival to Mumbai was smooth sailing and no sooner had we landed, we were whisked away to our grand hotel, The Taj. Russell had planned for us to do a recovery session but I wasn’t sure how the hotel guests would cope with us splashing about in their 5 star pool!

I took a few of the girls out to hit the local shops and man, when it comes to bartering, Alex is just too nice. She was easily swayed by all the sellers and there was one particular drummer man who kept walking with us for the entire shopping experience. A few purchases were made for home and it was a good chance to get out of the hotel and explore what the city had to offer us.

Some of the stories that I have heard of the others experience is of Leah being yelled at by a shop assistant to come into their shop – she probably should have kept walking. Sharon again wasn’t successful with her outing as Alana (media manager) managed to take her and a few others to the local food markets instead of the shopping markets, where they witness how they kill the chickens here in India. Needless to say not many of them have eaten chicken since then.

With a tight schedule our 2nd ODI was the day after we landed in Mumbai and without a look at the Wankhede stadium our adjusting occurred when we were sent into bat. The wicket seemed a lot bouncier than Ahmedabad and there was plenty of movement in the air and off the wicket from the Indian openers. Our openers negated the swing and soon after they departed Meg and Alex went about putting together a solid partnership of 175. Meg was the dominant player hitting the Indian bowlers around the park and when she got out for 128, I found myself in with a few overs remaining. Unfortunately I managed to nick the first delivery I faced and was heading back to the pavilion and all those stairs that I had only just walked down minutes earlier – oh at least I padded up well 🙂

Our batting innings was finished with a flurry of runs from Jess C and we posted 300 runs. Obviously the wicket had become a road and we knew that we needed to pick up early wickets. Thanks to Pez that occurred as she ripped out the hearts of the Indians picking up 3 wickets. From there wickets consistently fell every couple of overs with Rach picking up 3, Jess J 1 and myself 1. I am sure that Pez was thinking “get me on” as there weren’t many wickets left. Jodie did bring her on with 2 wickets remaining and with that Pez managed to pick up her second 5 wicket haul. We completely dominated India and probably inflicted their biggest defeat as we won by 221 runs. A great win to give us the ODI series!

After the match Midge, Pez and I went out to dinner with the Podar family and Healy family. In typical Indian style there was plenty of food to go around with pizzas, risotto, pasta and everything that was Western.

Our rest day wasn’t necessarily a rest day as everyone tried to jam pack what they wanted to do in Mumbai in one day. First stop was shopping where our local guide, Vedica took us to a shop where I was able to purchase my sisters request of presents. Then we rushed back to the hotel where I had organised Bolloywood dancing. A theme for this trip is all about getting out of our comfort zone both on and off the field and for me dancing is definitely out of my comfort zone.

Prerna was kind enough to offer her services to teach a group of us the essential moves of Bolloywood dancing. Let’s just say there is plenty of bum shaking, hand movements and facial gestures that accompany the Indian music. Not sure if I want to see the vision of our moves, but it was definitely a lot of fun.

The afternoon consisted of a quick net session for the group, with us having to take off our pads when facing spinners against the countless net bowlers and then back to the hotel for recovery and then a quick change for our team dinner. It was Jules birthday so we decided to have our first and probably only team dinner of the tour. The theme for dinner was that you had to get dressed in the colours of the Indian flag. Now there are some within the group that go all out eg Fitz and Julie (Manager) who decided to wear bright orange stockings with white pants and green shirts and then there was Alex, Pez and Midge that went the traditional outfit of a Salware (long shirt over baggy pants) but between all of them formed the Indian flag.

To keep up with the cuisine here in Mumbai we had Mediterranean food for dinner It was extremely tasty and reminded me of eating back home. The only issue with a team dinner is that it takes forever to feed a group of 20+ people and with a game the next day everyone was soon out of there after the birthday cake was eaten.

Our final ODI was again successful with the bowlers doing extremely well to keep a determined Indian team to 176 runs off their 50 overs. There were times when the Indians weren’t playing a lot of shots, but the bowling group persisted and the wickets were again shared by all the bowlers.

There was a change in our batting line up as Midge came in for Leah, but we lost a few wickets and unfortunately Meg couldn’t pick up where she left her last innings. Never fear Jess C (90*) was there to smash the ball to all parts of the ground, between her and Rach they gave us a solid platform. I managed to spend some time in the middle and my main aim was to get Jess on strike. When I got out to Nooshin, to give her her 100th ODI wicket (aren’t I nice!), Jess and I had put on close to a 50 run partnership with myself only contributing 11, quite funny.

We reached the target in the 33rd over to give us a whitewash of the ODI series. So we say goodbye to Mumbai and hello to Vishakhapatnam (I think we will stick to Vizag) to play the T20 series. Maybe my luck might change with the bat in the different format, but the main thing is that we all have been playing some good cricket hopefully that will continue in the T20’s.

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