First stop Ahmedabad….

First stop Ahmedabad…..

Since I last left you we had our first day in Ahmedabad, but after that I can’t really give you anymore simply because I was asleep for most of it. The morning of our first session was met with sprints and I was worried how I would feel especially given during the warm up lap I tasted what I had for breakfast. I managed to get through the sprints – just, but the next 20 min was spent in the bathroom.

I had no idea what was going on, I thought that I was over my illness, but obviously not. The only positive about the whole thing was that I slept. I would stay awake for a few hours and that was enough to put me to sleep for another 4 hours plus still manage to get 12 hours sleep at night.

Whilst I was in hibernation the rest of the girls ventured out of the hotel to see the town celebrate Holi! This festival is know as the colour festival with everyone throwing colour dust on each other. We had already experienced it at training when Julie Savage (manager) and Claire Stokes (physio) were stealthy in their attack on the group.

From the stories I have been told, Midge and Pez managed to get taught how to dance by the locals when they wandered the back streets near our hotel, plus seemed to make friends with the hotel staff who went to the extent to have breakfast sorted for them the night before! Jessica Cameron and Sharon Millanta decided that they would actually venture out of the hotel only to be shooed away from the temple as soon as they arrived. I think they both may now stay put in the hotel unless I get them out and about!

Apart from the adventures we have actually started playing some cricket. Our first task was against a Board XI where we couldn’t play all 14, so I was rested. We lost the toss and they elected to bat. Over the course of the 50 overs the girls bowled well and managed to pick up 5 run outs along the way.

Their total of a 166 didn’t pose a threat to our batters as Rachel (76) and Meg (46) made light work of it and we finished the game before the 25th over. The only crowd that rolled in were the huge monkeys that had fun running around in the empty stands. It definitely kept all of us amused.

The morning of the match we had to leave at 7am, it was the first time that I have had to get up for a match when it was still dark. We won the toss this time and elected to bat. Despite losing Leah early, Rachel (41) and Meg (45) again showed their class. When we lost them both in consecutive overs the Indian spinners started to put the squeeze on. Both Alex and I struggled to pierce the field and when I ran out Alex, Jodie came to the wicket and got things moving. Both Jodie (67) and Erin (27) registered their highest ODI score and gave us a competitive score of 228.

Our turn in the field followed and it was hard going as the wicket was flat and hard! Sharon picked up her first ODI wicket and then around the 70 run mark we picked up 4 quick wickets. I managed to pick up 2 wickets thanks to a brilliant catch from Alex and from there we slowly increased their required run rate.

Typical of how India bat, they all of a sudden flicked a switch and within a matter of time they were back in the hunt with Goswami (33) and Kaur (57) nearly taking the game away from us. Thankfully their required run rate had hit 10 per over and in the end we won by 30 runs.

A solid start to the ODI series with still some improvements to be made. We leave Ahmedabad and head to the big smoke of Mumbai, till then have a good day 🙂

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