2nd Blog is now up! The lauch of #Shaker was a success and the start of the Southern Stars begin in India.

D-Day and start of the Commonwealth Bank Southern Stars tour

It was the night before the launch of my book “Shaker”, and all through the hotel not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. I was excited about what lay ahead but woke up at 2:30am in a hot sweat with the awful feeling of needing to be sick!

And that’s what it was like for the next four hours and by the end of it there was nothing left in me. I wish that Russel (or Strength and Conditioner) was taking skinfolds and my weight as I would have had personal bests!

It was the first time after so many visits to India that I had actually gotten sick. I had thought that I had done something wrong but in a strange sense I was glad to find out that I wasn’t the only one. Obviously something was not quite right especially when the manager of the hotel also goes down!

I was so sapped of energy but the show had to go on. I staggered into a car where I curled up into the foetal position and four hours later we arrived to bustling metropolis of Mumbai. I think that I would hold my own here behind the wheel. With no real road rules and the use of the horn a must, there isn’t a dull moment when on Indian roads! It was the first time since I have been back since 2004 and boy, had it changed! More on that later…..

Having not eaten or drunk anything I was sympathetic to Sachin’s offering of vegemite on toast for an afternoon snack. The comfort of home food unfortunately was a quick fix as I still had a raging a temperature.     

A couple of hours before the launch we headed to the Cricket Club of India to attend to the finer details, but it at least got me out of the hotel and thinking of something else instead of being sick. As it got closer to 8pm more and more people were rolling in. I had no idea how the night was to unfold so I was pleasantly surprised when there were a number of camera crews and journalists in attendance.

I was fortunate enough to have a number of ex-Indian captains, including Dilip Vengsakar, and ex-Australian fast bowler and NSW captain Geoff Lawson to assist in launching the book.

Thankfully my adrenaline kicked in as I forgot about my illness and “Shaker” was officially launched on Monday 5th March 2012!

It has certainly been an interesting process writing the book, but even scarier to actually publish it. Before we knew it was 11pm and Sachin, Shaun and I were exhausted but so pleased with how it ran.

I do need to thank both the gentlemen for all their support during this whole process.

If you would like to buy the book please head to http://www.lisasthalekar.com as it will be available online by the March 12.

The final day before I met up with the Southern Stars was spent relaxing at the Taj by the poolside, doing a little bit of shopping and trying to catch a few more “zzzzz”. I had to make sure that I firstly recovered from my bought of sickness and was well rested for the coming tour.  I did managed to go past Café Leopold (that is for anyone that has read Shantaram – a great read!).

It seems that as soon as I settled into my king sized bed my alarm went off at the ridiculous hour of 2.45am. The only advantage in getting up at that time was that it was a breeze to get to the airport! It was great to see the rest of the girls, albeit a little sleep deprived and I am sure that they all just wanted to get to Ahmedabad.

There actually happens to be a number of girls that don’t like flying so when our domestic flight hit the ground there was a sign of relief, only to realise the Captain wanted to see if the breaks were working by putting them on right near the end of the runway!

Our accommodation is great, only issue is the transparent bathroom, might be a concern when it comes to showering at night!!!

As I was already used to the time difference and not jet lagged (despite the early morning wake-up call) I wanted to do something. Ellyse Perry (Pez), Alyssa Healy (Midge), Julie Hunter and I thought that we would explore what Ahmedabad had to offer but it was before 10am so the shops weren’t open.

Instead, our adventure took us to Gandhi’s Ashram but before that we had to get there. Two lovely rickshaw drivers offered their services and not knowing where we were going we were in their hands! We did manage to get a view of the city as it was on the other side.

The Ashram was an amazing place with so much information about a special man! Midge provided the quote of the day with “I wish I could say something as inspirational as what he did!”

If only Midge!!

Anyway, an early night to be had as the cricket part of the tour begins tomorrow. Big day with training and a number of meetings. Till next time!

One thought on “2nd Blog is now up! The lauch of #Shaker was a success and the start of the Southern Stars begin in India.

  1. Your words bring back so many memories of my trips to India.We once spent 40 hours getting from Gwailor to Vizag.I look forward to reading about the rest of your trip.

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